Network Usage Agreement
Posted on 22 December 2009 03:01 PM

Network Usage Agreement
Last revised: 3/8/2017

1. Intended Users

Houghton College computing and network resources are provided primarily for the use of college students, faculty and staff. These are intended to be used for educational purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the College. Appropriate use of the resources includes instruction, study assignments, research, communication and the official work of the campus organizations and agencies of the college. In addition, access to the network may be provided to alumni and members of the local community for the purpose of communicating with college students and employees and for accessing college information resources and the Internet.


2. Account Security & Non-transferability

You are responsible for the use made of any computer account provided for you. All accounts are required to be protected from unauthorized access by the use of a password. You are responsible for guarding against unauthorized use of your account. If you discover that someone has made unauthorized use of your account, you should immediately report the intrusion to the Technology Services Help Desk. Do not tell your password to anyone or give them access to your account, this includes family members.

Under no circumstances should an employee network account be shared or used to give access to another employee or student. Any situation in which such sharing seems desirable should be resolved by contacting Technology Services to make arrangements for that employee or student to have the access needed, not by sharing your own account.

The privilege of using the campus and network computing resources provided by the college is not transferable or extendable by members of the college community to people or groups outside the college without the explicit approval of the Director of Technology Services.


3. Expected behavior

Those who use the computing and network resources are required to behave in their use of the technology in a manner consistent with mature Christian behavior and the Community Covenant, as well as federal and state law. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of campus personal computers, college-provided laptops and printers, departmental computing facilities, general-use computers, printers, campus network resources, and networks throughout the world to which the college provides computer access. Improper use of college computing and network resources will result in disciplinary action.

The computing and network resources of the College may not be used for direct sales without the explicit approval of the Director of Technology Services.

Additionally, the network and internet resources of the College are finite and shared, thus is it important to be considerate of others in your use of these resources; particularly when using high bandwidth consuming applications such as streaming video, music, or radio. Using bandwidth intensive programs may result in your bandwidth being limited by a network administrator.


4. Email Systems

Access to e-mail systems is provided by Houghton College for communicating electronically. Use of such capabilities is a privilege afforded to students and employees of the college. Any attempt to falsify the source of an e-mail message (i.e. make a message appear to come from someone who did not send it) will result in disciplinary action.

Sending unsolicited e-mail to the Houghton College mail system or across the Internet is prohibited and may be illegal. Anyone who transmits spam to the Houghton College mail system or the Internet from a Houghton domain will have their account privileges suspended pending further investigation. Anyone receiving spam from someone on campus should immediately report the incident to the Technology Services Help Desk.


5. Data Privacy

Information stored on Houghton College’s computers and network equipment is private property. Some of it is personal property (email messages, class assignments, term papers, etc.) and some of it is the property of Houghton College (information produced by, or for, Houghton College employees in carrying out the legitimate business of the college). Along with the privilege of using the college’s computer and network resources comes the responsibility to honor the privacy of other people’s information. Attempts to browse, copy, or modify files or passwords belonging to other people or organizations, whether at Houghton College or elsewhere, will result in strict disciplinary action.

Data privacy cannot be guaranteed in all cases by Houghton College; however a best effort at data privacy will be made through the use of limited access permissions through accounts with passwords. It is important to remember that electronic data, particularly that which is shared over a network, on the internet, or via email is never truly private and discretion should be used with such mediums of transport.

Information privacy cannot be assumed when using 3rd-party systems such as Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Google Docs, etc. In light of this, Houghton College Technology Services strongly encourages you to not use such services for official college business – and with regard to certain types of information it may be prohibited or illegal to host data on such 3rd-party services.


6. System Security & Hacking

Access to information stored on Houghton College’s computers and network equipment is controlled by assignment of accounts and passwords. These accounts and passwords are controlled by the network administrators. This security information is the property of Houghton College. If you know about or learn about a hole in system or network security, you have an obligation to report this information to the Technology Services Help Desk. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Any attempt to access, copy or modify this security information or to obtain system privileges to which you are not entitled or any action which interferes with the supervisory or accounting functions of the systems or that is likely to have such effects will result in strict disciplinary action.

Technology Services personnel may routinely monitor an individual's computer use, although they do not routinely examine files or read electronic mail in an individual's account. However, they have the right to do so and will do so in the event computers are or are believed to be misused. Evidence of misuse will be reported. Please use your account wisely.

Any attempts to gain unauthorized access to other systems located on the Houghton College network or any networks connected to Houghton College via the Internet will be considered a violation of this Acceptable Use Policy. Any electronic files found on any system relating to hacking and connected to the Houghton College network will be immediately removed and that individual will be found in violation of this policy.


7. Viewing, Accessing, or Transmitting Offensive Material

Use of college owned or provided equipment for the viewing of, accessing, or transmitting pornographic or otherwise offensive material is strictly forbidden. This applies to any screen display or printing of images, sounds or messages that could reasonably be considered pornographic or offensive. Any person, whether student, employee or guest of the college, who is caught viewing, accessing, or transmitting such material using college owned equipment or network resources will be appropriately disciplined. While Houghton College currently has filtering software in place, in the complex and dynamic world of the Internet it is impossible to comprehensively block all such material, so each user of the network must exercise discretion to avoid such material.


8. Respect for Copyrights, License Agreements, Federal, State, and Local Laws

The College presents for your use many programs and data which have been obtained under contracts or licenses stating that they may be used but not copied, cross-assembled, or reverse-compiled. In addition, other institutions and individuals on attached networks make software or digital media available under similar conditions. You are responsible for determining that programs or data are not restricted in this manner before sharing them, copying them in any form, or before reverse- engineering them in whole or in any part. If it is unclear whether you have permission to copy or share such software or not, assume that you may not do so.

Peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited via the Houghton College network, or any and all of its resources. Any individual found sharing copyrighted materials using Houghton College resources within our network will be found in violation of this policy and will be subject to those consequences named in this policy. For more information on federal law regarding illegal sharing of copyrighted material, please view the Federal Copyright Law Compliance article on our website.


9. Personal network equipment & static IP addresses

The use of personal network equipment (e.g. hubs, routers, wireless access points, DHCP servers, etc.) on the Houghton College network is strictly prohibited. Such devices can, and often do, cause interference with the normal functioning of our wired and Wi-Fi networks.

We do allow simple Layer 2 switches on our network. These are typically sold as a "switch" (e.g. "5 Port Ethernet Switch"). Such devices should not provide any software configuration options (they should be "plug and play") and should only provide a few additional wired Ethernet ports. If you are unsure about whether your device is allowed on the network, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk for assistance.

Additionally, the use of static IP addresses is prohibited as this may interfere with the normal functioning of the network.

Technology Services reserves the right to prohibit any piece of equipment or technology that we feel is disruptive or damaging to our network, infrastructure, or our users’ experience.


10. Consequence of Violating the Network Usage Agreement

Any person using Houghton College computing or network resources that in any way violates the network usage agreement is subject to any or all of the following disciplinary actions:

1. Verbal or written warning to the offender.

2. Restriction of system or network access for a specified time period, or until acts of restitution have been performed.

3. Revocation of all system or network privileges for a specified time period.

4. Statement of charges sent to the Dean of Students (for student offenders) or to the appropriate director or college Vice President (for employee offenders) which could lead to other penalties depending on the seriousness of the offense.


11. Appeals

Users wishing to contest an administrative decision made concerning their account or use of Houghton College computers and network resources have the following appeal path:

• Contact the network administrator who disabled the account

• Submit an appeal, in writing, to the Director of Technology Services


12. Questions

If you have questions about the appropriate use of computer resources and networks at Houghton College, you should contact the Director of Technology Services.


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