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Posted on 30 July 2010 11:37 AM

What can the Helpdesk do for me?

As a student at Houghton College, there are a number of services that the Helpdesk can provide to you. Below is a quick list of what we can and cannot do in some commonly occurring situations. As always, contact the Helpdesk if you have any questions.

Issue We Can
We Cannot
I can't get on the internet
- Test the data jack in your room
- Verify the correct IP settings
- Verify that you have a working patch cable
- Install or remove hardware drivers
- Install or remove software
- Provide an ethernet patch cable
I have a virus
- Provide a copy of antivirus software
- Install antivirus software
- Remove the virus
My computer will not turn on
- Verify the issue
- Provide you with some troubleshooting steps
- Replace hardware components
- Provide a loaner computer
- Contact you warranty provider for you
I need to backup my files
- Sell you CDs or DVDs to back your files up to
- Provide a loaner external DVD burner
- Backup your files for you
My computer crashed and I can't get to my files
- Provide a "Live CD" that can be used to boot your computer
- Provide instructions on how to use the "Live CD" to backup your files
- Backup your files for you
My computer is running slowly
- Provide a copy of antivirus software
- Provide instructions on how to search for and eliminate malware
- Provide instructions on re-installing the Operating System on your comuter
- Install or remove software
- Remove virus and/or malware
- Re-install Operating System
- Provide Operating System software

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