Print Center Location And Use
Posted on 27 August 2010 09:06 AM

There are four Print Centers located on campus:

  • The basement of the Campus Center (4 Printers)

  • The first floor of the Chamberlain Center across from elevator (4 Printers)

  • The third floor of the Science Building (1 printer)

  • The laundry room in Hazlett (1 printer)

  • The second floor of the Library (1 printer)

  • The second floor of the Center for the Arts in the Student Lounge (1 printer)

The College supplies the toner and the printers and you will need to supply the paper for printing. These machines are meant for printing work that is academic in nature.  Please use Quickprint for making personal copies.  

To use the Printers in the Print Center you simply log on to the machine attached to the printer using your Houghton College network credentials. Place the paper you provide in the printer tray and pull up the document you wish to print. This can be stored on your H: drive (click here to see how to set this up). You can email the document to yourself and print it from email or you can bring the document to the Print Center on a thumb drive, CD or DVD. 

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