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Security After Virus Infection
Posted by Eric Carey on 15 October 2009 03:12 PM
Warning: This guide is to be followed AFTER your computer has been cleaned of ALL viruses.

What you should be aware of:

  • Many of the present day variants of viruses/malware/adware/spyware are constructed for the gathering of personal data. For this reason you would be well advised to keep a close eye on any online accounts that you maintain for suspicious activity, especially after having had a virus present on your computer.
  • These accounts can include any of the following and any that are similar:
    • AIM
    • Skype
    • Yahoo
    • Google/Gmail
    • Facebook
    • Myspace
    • Online Banking

What you should do:

  • Now that your computer is clear of viruses, it is a NECESSITY that you change ALL of the passwords you use for online activities. This includes those passwords used for social networking as well as those that allow access to financial information.
  • The reason for doing this AFTER your computer has been cleaned is that were you to change your passwords before, there is the chance that those would be compromised as well.
  • An individual strong password should be used for each login that you maintain. Or in other words, you should never use the same password for more than one website.
  • A strong password is generally classified as one with 8-12 characters that is a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
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