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Posted by Eric Carey on 16 October 2009 02:57 PM

To use ImgBurn for backing up files to DVD/CD:

  • Installing ImgBurn

    1. Go to
    2. Click on "Download"
    3. Click on any of the provided links that say "Mirror..."
    4. Save the file and run it once it has finished downloading
    5. Follow the installation steps to completion

  • Using ImgBurn to copy files and/or folders to CD/DVD
    1. Start ImgBurn either from your desktop or by clicking "Start > Programs > ImgBurn > ImgBurn"
    2. Click on "Write files/folders to disc"
      Write files/folders to disc
    3. In the screen that now appears you will see a white box above which is written "Source".
    4. To add individual files to this list, click on the topmost icon to the right of that white box.
    5. To add full folders, click on the icon that is second from the top to the right of that white box.
    6. Once you have finished adding files/folders, click on the image that shows a folder with an arrow pointing at a disc.
      Add files and folders then burn
    7. If a message appears asking if a given folder represents the root of the image, click "No".
    8. In the next box, click "Yes" or change the label if you wish. (Note: this will not affect the burning process)
    9. In the next box, click "Ok".
    10. If you are trying to put more than 700MBs of information on a CD or more than 4.3GBs of information on a DVD, an error message will come up telling you that there are too many files. A way around this is to organize your files ahead of time so that you know they are the right size and will burn properly.
    11. Another error message that may appear that a directory is too many files deep. (Usually 8 or 9). If this is the case, the chances are that the culprit is the artwork folder in your itunes library. Locate this folder and delete it and then try again.
    12. Your CD/DVD will now begin burning.
    13. Once the program has finished burning the CD/DVD, it will open the CD tray and then close it in order to check the disc for any errors.
    14. If you are using a laptop drive, you will need to manually close the tray and click "Ok" so that the program can continue.
    15. Wait for the CD/DVD to verify.
    16. A short song will now play. Once it does, your CD/DVD has been burned correctly.
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