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Inputting Grades in Student Self-Service
Posted by Ana Bogatova on 17 October 2011 04:21 PM

Instructions for Submitting Midterm Grades Using Student Self Service

1) Click here to visit the SSS home page.
You can also go to the Faculty and Staff pages on the Houghton College web site.           
Click on the Faculty/Staff tab near the center of the window. On the subsequent window you will see
“Faculty Links” on the left side.  Click on “Student Self Service” in the alphabetical list.

2) Log in with your username and password on the left side of the screen.
You should have received your username and password from Technology Services.         

3) Once you have logged in, click on the Classes tab at the top.

4) There will be several options listed horizontally just below the tabs. Click on Grading.       

5) This will take you first to the Activity Grades. You’ll need to click on Overall Grades from the links on the left.

Overall grades


6) Once you’re on the Overall Grades page, you’ll see all of your courses for the upcoming
year, including both Spring and Fall. Make sure you’re looking in the right term, and find the course you want to submit grades for.

Find course


7) When grading is open for that term, you will see drop-down boxes next to the student
names in the My Grade column under Mid-Term Grades. Enter your grades in
this column and click the Submit Midterm button at the bottom of the list when you
are done.

Enter grades


 If you click the Save button, the grades will be saved in the My Grade column for your records, but they
will not
be submitted until you click Submit Midterm.

 The Final Grades section will have drop-down boxes visible, too, but you will not have the option to submit
them until Final Grading is open. 

9) Once you save grades, they will appear in the Actual Grade column

Actual grade column


 *Once you hit the Submit Midterm button, you cannot change the grades you posted. You can, however,
return to enter grades you left blank the first time.

10) When you are finished inputting grades for this session, logout of IQWeb by clicking on the “Log Out” link at the top of the screen.
You may log in at a later time and repeat the processes described above.


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