Connect to the vStationAS server to use Administrative Software Systems
Posted by Mark Alessi on 24 August 2012 10:35 AM

Before using vStationAS for the first time, please contact to be granted access to use it.

The intention of vStationAS is that when connected to this server, you may use Administrative Systems applications (PowerCAMPUS, PowerFAIDS, etc.) directly from the vStationAS server, without the need for being physically connected to the college network.

You will see icons for all of the administrative systems software packages on the desktop.

vStationAS does NOT have a link to open a remote desktop session to your own office computer, but you may do this using the vStation server (see below.)

To use vStationAS, follow the directions for connecting to the vStation server found at

Connecting to the vStation server (guide) (Replacing "vStation" with "vStationAS" wherever it appears in the instructions)

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