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Posted by Erin Bard on 19 September 2012 04:03 PM

Welcome! This page will provide you with all necessary information to connect to Houghton College's Wi-Fi networks.

Quick Links Description
Wi-Fi Network Descriptions Which network should I connect to?
Network Registration How do I use HC-Visitor?
Manual Device Registration

How do I connect my printer or gaming console?


Instructions on how to connect to HC-Secure with:
Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

 If you encounter any difficulties connecting to our Wi-Fi network or if you have poor signal or a poor experience on our Wi-Fi networks, please contact the Helpdesk or stop by in person (we are located in the basement of the Campus Center) and we'll be happy to assist.

Wi-Fi Network Descriptions

  • HC-Secure: encrypted network using WPA2-Enterprise; recommended for employees and students.
  • HC-Visitor: unencrypted network that allows temporary guest access to the internet.
  • HC-StudentOpen: unencrypted ("open") network for student use that allows access to the internet and limited access to internal college network.
  • HC-Admission: unencrypted guest network for prospective students and families; please contact the Visit Office for the current password.

Network Registration

 All devices on the Houghton College network are required to be registered; when you connect to HC-Visitor and load a web page, you will be prompted to sign in with Houghton College credentials or as a guest. Here is a guide explaining what the registration process looks like: Network Registration Guide

Manual Device Registration

If you have a non-browser device, such as a printer or gaming console, and would like to connect it to the Wi-Fi network, please go here: Manual Device Registration (with instructions)

Connecting to HC-Secure

Windows Computers

Most Windows computers can connect to HC-Secure using the simple installation script below:

Wireless Installation Script  <--- (click this link)

Depending on your browser, you may either run the script directly, or download it and then run it. You may be prompted to allow it to run and make changes to your computer. Once the script notifies you of its completion, your computer is ready to connect to the network; at that point, please connect to HC-Secure and provide your Houghton credentials when your computer prompts you.

If you have trouble running the script, are unable to connect even after running the script, or would prefer manual instructions, please refer to the following manual connection directions and troubleshooter.

Mac OS X Computers

To connect to HC-Secure from a Mac OSX computer, please follow the directions below.  If you have tried to connect to HC-Secure in the past, some of the steps may not appear exactly as described below.  If you experience problems, follow the link below titled "Troubles Connecting to HC-Secure."

  1. Click on the wireless icon (typically in the top right corner).

  2. Select HC-Secure from the list of available wireless networks.

  3. A dialog box should appear prompting you for your Houghton username and password.  (When you are entering your information, make sure that the "remember this network" checkbox is selected.)

  4. Click the button to log in.

  5. If a window titled "Verify Certificate" appears, click "show certificate"

  6. Make sure the checkbox “Always trust” is selected

  7. Click Continue

  8. Enter the password for your mac (not your network password) if it prompts you for one.

  9. Click Continue

You will now be connected to the HC-Secure network.  To reconnect in the future, just repeat steps 1 and 2.

Troubles Connecting to HC-Secure


Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

To connect to HC-Secure from an Apple iOS device such as iPad, iPhone, or iPod, please follow the directions below.  

  1. Open up the Settings app.

  2. Click on Wi-Fi near the top of the menu.
  3. Select HC-Secure from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

  4. A dialog box should appear prompting you for your Houghton username and password. Click "Join" once you have typed in your credentials.

  5. If a window titled "Certificate" appears with the main text "" and sub-text "Issued by CA1", click "Trust" in the upper-right corner.

You will now be connected to the HC-Secure network.  To reconnect in the future, just repeat steps 1 through 3.

Troubles Connecting to HC-Secure




To connect to HC-Secure on Android devices, follow these directions.

 1. First, verify that you have a pin number or password set for your Android lockscreen. You won't be able to connect to HC-Secure without this.

2. Install the Houghton root certificate on your Android device by browsing to it: CA1 root certificate

     2A. It will prompt you to name the certificate, we recommend naming it "CA1".

     2B. Under "Credential Use" select "Wi-Fi" from the dropdown list. Then click OK.

3. Next go to Settings --> Wi-Fi and select HC-Secure from the list of available networks and use the following settings:

     3A. EAP method: PEAP

     3B. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2

     3C. CA Certificate: "CA1" (or whatever you named the certificate from above)

     3D. Identity: (i.e. your Houghton username), or if it doesn't work and you know you typed your username and password correctly, also try the alternate format: "HOUGHTON\firstname.lastname##"

     3E. Password: *your Houghton password*

4. Then press "Connect" and you will be securely connected to HC-Secure.

For further assistance, please use our Wireless Troubleshooter or contact the Helpdesk by email at, or in person in the basement of the Campus Center in between Quick Print and the elevator.

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