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Employee H: Drive Quotas
Posted by Seth Taylor on 05 November 2012 10:36 AM

In order to ensure adequate space for each employee to store private job-related files, the default quota on each employee H: drive will be set at 1,000 megabytes.  When the quota is reached, the H: drive will indicate that it is full and additional files will not be able to be stored there until other files have been deleted or moved.

Individual employees may request that a higher quota be applied to their H: drive.  The following procedure must be followed to obtain a higher quota:

1. The employee must examine the files currently on the H: drive to ensure that there are not any unnecessary job-related files, in particular large duplicate files or old backups.  Any large files or collections of files that are not job-related (i.e. personal or family related) should also be deleted or moved.

2. The employee must submit a request to the Helpdesk for a larger quota to be applied.  A quota 500 megabytes larger than the current quota will be granted, provided that there is a legitimate, work-related need for the additional space and that the employee has already removed any extraneous files currently on the H: drive.

3. To obtain quota increases beyond a quota of 2,500 megabytes, the increase must also be approved by the employee's supervisor.

Employee data archiving procedure

Employees may contact the Helpdesk for assistance with archiving rarely used files from the H: drive to an optical disk format, such as a CD or DVD.  Most college-owned laptops and some college-owned desktops have CD burners so that data archiving can be easily performed by employees.  Blank CDs can be purchased from the campus store. 

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