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Connecting an Xbox Gaming Console to the Houghton College Network
Posted by on 23 January 2013 09:16 AM

In order to connect your Xbox 360 gaming console to the Houghton College network, you will need to perform the following steps:

Note: Wii owners should read this article first.

Device Registration

For your Xbox to be permitted to connect to the college network, you must first register your console's MAC address. The MAC address is a 12 digit hexadecimal (0-9, a-f) string that uniquely identifies your console's network adapter. If you do not know how to find your MAC address, you can view the instructions for finding the MAC address of a "Microsoft Xbox 360" in the How to Find My Device's MAC Address article.

Once you have found your console's MAC address, you are ready to register it for connectivity to the network. You will need to enter your username, password, and your console's MAC address in the appropriate fields on the device registration page highlighted by the red boxes in the image below. Once you have entered the appropriate information, click the "Submit" button. If registration is successful, your console is ready to be connected to the college network.

Connecting to the Network

Once you have registered your console for connection to the network, you are ready to connect. You have two options: you may either connect via a wired connection, or if your Xbox supports wifi, you may connect wirelessly. Please see the appropriate section below for your preferred option.


To connect to the wired network, simply plug one end of your ethernet patch cord into the ethernet port on the back of your console, and plug the other end into the nearest wall jack as shown in the image below. If your device was registered successfully as described above, your Xbox should connect automatically and you should be all set.


To connect your Xbox to the network wirelessly, you will need to connect to the "HC-Visitor" wireless network. Connecting to the "HC-Secure" network is not supported, as the Xbox does not support the necessary security protocols (WPA2-Enterprise) to connect to this network. Assuming you have performed MAC address registration as described above, simply instruct your Xbox to connect to the open "HC-Visitor" network. Your Xbox should then have a connection to the internet via the wireless network.


If you experience difficulty connecting your Xbox to the college network, please contact the Helpdesk by email at

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