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How do I change my username? (legal name change)
Posted by Ryan Cool on 13 October 2009 01:33 PM


  • You would like to change your Houghton e-mail address due to:
    • a change in your legal name


Step 1. Contact the Helpdesk for assistance

If you change your legal name, such as is common after marriage, you can request that your Houghton e-mail address also be changed.  Please direct this request to  In your request, please make sure that you provide your full former name as well as your full current name, spelled correctly, as well as your graduation year.

We will verify that there are no conflicts or problems with renaming your account and will confirm with you what your new username will be.

Please note that for legal name changes, we will not proceed with making any changes until you have provided the Registrar's Office with the proper legal paperwork and they have updated the college's official records to reflect your new legal name.

Also, it is college policy that we will not rename your account based on nicknames or preference for another name. In certain cases we are willing to provide email aliases so that you can be reached via email at a nickname or preferred name address, however these are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Step 2. Notify other appropriate offices on campus

Once we have worked with you to verify there are no problems with renaming your account, and we have determined what your new username and email address will be, you will need to notify any other appropriate offices on campus. These are likely to include the Registrar's Office, Student Financial Services, your faculty adviser(s) and instructors, and anyone else on campus who you regularly work with.

Make sure you notify the Registrar's Office and Student Financial Services Office of your name change, so that any class rosters will reflect your new name and so that systems such as Moodle, Student Self-Service (SSS) will be updated, as well as your billing and financial aid information.


Step 3. Making the change

We are now ready to rename your account.

We will need to schedule a time window when you are not using any of your accounts (email, Moodle, Student Self Service, Wi-Fi, etc.) when we can make the change. The actual time required to rename your account is about 15 minutes or less. We are generally available to perform the rename process during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm), however we recommend that you give us several time options in case one or more won't work. Depending on our workload we may not be able to process your request immediately, but if that is the case we will let you know.

Once we've finished renaming your account you will need to start logging into email, Moodle, SSS, and the Wi-Fi using your new username (with the same password as before). It is important to note that the rename process will change how you authenticate to the Wi-Fi network, so you may need to re-enter your username and password on your mobile devices and computers before you are able to connect to the network.

Some systems may take up to an hour before they recognize the new username and allow you to log in, but most will update within 5 to 15 minutes. Please be patient and give it an hour or two before contacting us for assistance.

We will also setup an alias for your old email address so that any emails sent to your old address will automatically be forwarded to your new email address. You shouldn't lose any emails as part of the renaming process.

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