Connecting to a vStation server - Mac OS X
Posted by John Woodard on 09 September 2013 04:32 PM

Before using vStation for the first time, please contact the Helpdesk at to be granted access to use it

For detailed step-by-step picture instructions on connecting to the new vStation servers from a Mac, please view the attached PDF document

For just the essential information to get you going, please read the following sections:

Download Instructions

To connect to vStation or vStationAS from a Mac desktop or laptop, please go to the Mac App Store and download the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app. This is a free download but does require an Apple ID. Here is a link to the page for that app: Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Mac (version 8.0+)

And here is a link to the iTunes App Store for the mobile version for iPad and iPhone: Microsoft Remote Desktop app (version 8.1+, requires Apple ID)

If you do not have an Apple ID and cannot create one for some reason, please come to the CC Helpdesk and we will assist you installing it.

Configuration Instructions

1) Run the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

2) Click the "New" button in the upper-left corner of the app.

3) Under "Connection name" and "PC Name" type in "" or "" depending on what you've been granted permissions to use.

4) Under username and password, type in your Houghton College credentials. Your username should be in the format of either "" or "HOUGHTON\" (either should work)

5) Once you've filled in all the fields, press the red X to close the window. It should automatically save your connection and list it under "My Desktops". 

6) To connect to vStation or vStationAS, highlight the appropriate option under "My Desktops" and then press the "Start" button at the top (or double click on the server you wish to connect to).

 rdp_instructions.pdf (642.20 KB)
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