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This tutorial will show you how to send files with ZendTo. ZendTo allows you to easily send and receive large files to others which would be too large for email.

ZendTo provides you with three options: Sending filesRecieving file, and Requesting files.


Logging in:

Go to and the ZendTo login page will appear.

Enter your username and password to login, or if you do not have username, you can send and receive a file as a guest.

Once you login, the following page will appear. This is your home page on ZendTo.


Sending A File:

Click on the "Home" tab to return to your home page, if you are not already there.

If you click on "Send File", the following page will appear.

This page has two options for sending a file. One for entering a request code that you may have received from someone else (more on this in the Request file section), or for sending a new file. We will send a new file, so leave the "Request Code" field blank and click "Next". The following page will appear.

You may receive a note in red at the top that will explain the use of files on ZendTo. This is an important message to read. Next you will see your email address, which recipients will see and two options for sending email. To add a recipient, click on the green plus button in the "To:" field and the following popup will appear. Click on "Add One" to add one recipient, or click on "Add Many" to add multiple recipients each on a separate line.

Click "Verify" when the recipient(s) have been entered.

Below the "To:" field is a "Short note" field where you can enter a message for the recipients. Then click "Choose File" and select a file from the file browser that appears. You may add a description to the file in the "Descriptions" field. When all fields have been filled out, click "Drop Off Files". The follow page will appear showing you a summary of your file transfer.

This page contains a comment field where you can see recipient's comments on the file. At the bottom of this page is a Claim Code and Password. If you want to send this file to someone else, give them this information. 

If you now click on your "Outbox" tab, you will see a page like the following, which includes information on send files.

You can click on a claim code and return to that file's summary.


Receiving A File:

If you have been emailed, or given, a claim code and password for a file from someone else, you will need to download it. Click on the "Home" page, if you are not already there, to return to your home page. Click on "Receive File" and the following page will appear.

Enter the claim code and password that you received and click "Retrieve (Download) the File(s)". The following summary page will appear.

To download the file, click on the file name, circled in red on the picture above.


Requesting A File:

If you would like someone to send you a file, you need to request that file from them. Click on the "Home" page, if you are not already there, to return to your home page. Click on "Request File" and the following page will appear.

On this page, fill out the recipient's name and email address. Give the email a subject and a message describing what file you want. When finished, click "Send Request". The following page will appear providing you with your request summary.

This page provides you with a request code that the recipient can enter into the "Request Code" field on the sending file page, as shown below.

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