Student Worker Accounts
Posted by Erin Bard on 16 February 2015 11:41 AM

This article applies to any department that employs student workers to access the O: drive, shared mailboxes, or Administrative Systems software.

Technology Services requires that all students who need access to the O: drive, Administrative Systems, or departmental shared mailboxes, use a dedicated student worker account for this access. These student worker accounts can be restricted to only work on certain computers, such as specific workstations in a department’s office, and should have a unique password separate from the student’s normal password. The intent is the improve the security of college data by not allowing students access to the data from their personal computers, their normal accounts, or from the dorms.

As a brief overview, students will each be given a student worker account unique to each department they work for. These student worker accounts will be associated with a position. Permissions will be granted to the position, and will apply to all students in that position. Departments may have multiple positions, and student worker accounts may be associated with multiple positions within a department. Don't worry, it's less complicated than it sounds!

To make managing student workers easier, Technology Services has designed a web-based system that gives managers of student workers significant control over their student worker accounts. Through this system you will be able to create student worker accounts yourself, add and remove students from your department’s positions, reset forgotten passwords for your students, and even delete old accounts after students graduate.

To use the student worker account system, please click the link below. You will be prompted to sign in and then you will see a landing page with four links. 

Student Worker Accounts (Click Here)

The first link (“Create Student Worker Account”) takes you to a three question form that you can fill out for any student you want to employ. Once you submit the form an account will immediately be created for them and they will receive an email with the credentials (or the email can go to you if you would prefer they not know the password).

The second link (“Manage Student Worker Accounts”) can be used for managing existing student accounts – from here you can add and remove their permissions, reset forgotten passwords, and delete their account when they no longer work for your department.

The third link (“View Position Details”) will list the permissions associated with all positions in your department, as well as the list of managers, and the computers that the accounts can be used on.

The last link on the landing page (“Request New Position”) is only needed when you decide to add a new type of student worker position, with different permissions than your existing role(s).


  • Do not use any office personnel's Houghton network credentials or application user name to log into a computer that a student worker is using while they are working for you. Students should never use employee credentials or employee accounts.

Thank you for helping us in this endeavor to enhance our network security.  It is greatly appreciated.

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