Ciphergram - Send an Encrypted Message
Posted by Mark Alessi on 25 March 2015 09:12 AM


Sending an encrypted message to another employee

  • Select “Send a secure message.”Sample message
  • Enter your network credentials and login.
  • Fill out the form and submit.
  • An encrypted email message will be sent to you.  Forward this message to your intended recipient.
    • The recipient must be the same email address entered in the original submitted form.
    • Only the original recipient will be able to decrypt the message

Result messageCiphergram Sent Results


Example of decrypted message

Ciphergram Decrypted Message



  • The recipients username is part of the encryption key and on the decrypt page it is retrieved from the logged in WebAuth username, thus only the recipient can decrypt the message.
  • All messages expire 14 days after being sent.
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