Ciphergram - Send an Encrypted Message
Posted by Mark Alessi on 25 March 2015 09:12 AM

CipherGram is a college website that can be used to send encrypted messages to other college personnel (employees, students, and student workers). 


How to use CipherGram:

1) Go to and select "Send a secure message"

2) Log in with your Houghton College username and password

3) Type in the recipient's email address and the contents of your message in the provided fields. Hit "Submit" when done.

4) An email will be sent to you with the encrypted message. Please forward this message on to the intended recipient, along with any additional context or instructions that you want them to know.

5) The recipient will click on the link in the email and be taken to the CipherGram website where they will be prompted to authenticate. Once they have signed in, the message will be decrypted and displayed to them.


Additional notes:

  • All messages expire 14 days after being sent. CipherGram is intended for securely transmitting data, not long term data storage.
  • Only the intended recipient will be able to decrypt your message.
  • Messages are encrypted using the AES cipher which is very secure.
  • This system is intended to facilitate the secure transfer of protected data, such as Social Security Numbers, passwords, and more.
  • This system does not support 3rd-party access, it requires Houghton College credentials to send and receive the messages.
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