Office 365 For Houghton College Employees and Enrolled Students
Posted by on 20 August 2015 03:14 PM

Our Licensing Only Allows for Use Of This Microsoft Office Install While You Are An Enrolled HC Student or Current Employee

For newly enrolled students ONLY:

  • If you have just picked up your student network account, please wait 30 minutes before attempting to login
  • After 30 minutes you may login and download/install Microsoft Office 365 on your computer


For Everyone:

Step 1

Uninstall all Previously Installed Microsoft Office Versions

Remove from a PC

Remove Office for Mac 2011

Remove Office for Mac 2016

Step 2
Login and install Microsoft Office

Go to

If you already have an Office 365 account with your Houghton College email address:
    - Click Sign in in the upper right corner and use your Houghton College email address and the password you use for Moodle
    - Follow the instructions to download Microsoft Office for PC or Mac

If you need to sign up for the first time enter your Houghton College Email address and click Get Started.

If you need assistance, email or come to the CC Helpdesk

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