Installing HC Network Printers for (Windows 7)
Posted by John Woodard on 29 January 2016 02:54 PM

If you are a Mac User, please email to schedule a time to install the printers

 To Install A Houghton College Printer

1) Press the Windows and R key
     In the window that appears
     Open: \\print
lick OK


 2) You'll be asked to enter your Houghton credentials
     Type "houghton\" before entering your firstName.lastName## (no ## if you are not a student). Do not add ""


3) A list of Houghton network printers will populate
     Find your printer and double click it
     A window will appear saying that Windows update is looking for software. Let this run


4) Allow Windows to install the driver if prompted

5) If you are installing a Toshiba -MFP printer, when your print queue opens, click File >> Printing Preferences...
Otherwise skip to step 8

6) Click on the Finishing tab and select 2-Sided Printing as shown

7) Click on the Others tab and enter your Department Print Code (If Needed)

8) Click OK

To install another printer
Repeat Steps 1-8 selecting the correct printer

9) You'll want to create a desktop shortcut to network printers. Right-click anywhere on your desktop, hover over New, and select Shortcut

10) Enter the \\print and click Next

11) Name the shortcut Install Printers


12) Should the printers ever forget your credentials, clicking on this shortcut and re-entering your credentials should allow you access to printers again

13) If you have any problems, please contact

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