Outlook Shared Mailbox Deleted Items
Posted by Erin Bard on 14 March 2016 09:51 AM

When working with a shared mailbox from within Outlook, any mail items you delete in the shared mailbox will be moved to the deleted items in your personal mailbox. This is not ideal as it means that other users of the shared mailbox cannot locate those deleted items.

There is a solution from Microsoft to fix this, however it changes the behavior of calendars shared between people. The fix will keep deleted items in the mailbox where they belong, however anyone with Author permissions to another person's calendar will be unable to delete calendar items they created. We therefore recommend that the supplied registry fix only be applied when you don't have Author permissions to other people's calendars.

To apply the fix, please browse to Helpdesk Tools, the Employee folder, and then execute the file named "DelegateWastebasket_Fix.reg"   (\\\Helpdesk.Tools\Employees\DelegateWastebasket_Fix.reg). You will see a warning message asking if you really want to apply the changes contained in the file, with a note that it will make changes to the registry settings on your computer; please click "OK" to get past the warnings and proceed with the installation.

This behavior does not apply when you log into a shared mailbox through webmail. While in webmail the deleted items will go to the deleted folder within the shared mailbox, as you would expect.

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