Email sent before mailbox moves to Office 365
Posted by Seth Taylor on 13 February 2019 02:39 PM

The following message will be sent to employees the day before their mailboxes are migrated to Office 365:

Thank you for filling out the scheduling form.  You listed tomorrow as an available date to move your mailbox so we are scheduling your mailbox move for tomorrow.

Timeline: Your mailbox is scheduled to start moving overnight and finish moving shortly after 6:00 AM tomorrow morning.  You should have full access to your mailbox during the move.  Restarting your email application (e.g. Outlook) after the move is recommended.

Immediate web access:  As soon as the move completes, you will immediately have access to your mailbox through any web browser by going to  (If you forget this address and instead use the old Outlook Web Access you will be redirected to the correct location automatically.)

Your username is your email address:  In Office 365, the ONLY acceptable form of your username is your full email address, such as  (Our old server would also accept other forms such as “first.last” or “HOUGHTON\first.last”, but from now on only will work.)

Reconnecting email applications and mobile apps:  Although your mailbox will be available through web mail immediately after the move, your email applications or mobile apps will need to find your mailbox at the Office 365 server instead of our on-premises server.  Please review the information in the article below so that you are prepared for reconnecting your specific email program or app:

ARTICLE: Reconnecting to your mailbox after the move to Office 365

Helpdesk will help:   If you encounter any difficulties getting to and using your email, please contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.  If you need help on a laptop or mobile device, you can bring it to the Helpdesk for assistance.


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