Virus Scanning
Posted by Ryan Cool on 13 October 2009 01:33 PM

To scan your computer for viruses


1.Boot the computer into Safe Mode:

a. Turn off the computer

b. Restart it and when the first computer's logo comes up (before the Windows loading screen) start tapping the F8 key continuously until the options to start in Safe Mode show up. Select 'Safe Mode with Networking'

c. Do as much of the following as possible in Safe Mode. If it will not let you install any of the following programs in Safe Mode, boot up the computer normally, install the program, then return to Safe Mode.


2. Download Rkill: For more information, go here.

a. Download a program called "Rkill" from this link:
b. Double click the file that is downloaded and click "Run" when asked. What this little app does is temporarily shut down all malware processes currently running on your laptop. Note: "temporarily." You may notice that certain symptoms disappear when running Rkill, but this program will not actually remove any files from your system.

c. Run Rkill right away every time after you restart your computer in the following steps

3. Download Malwarebytes: For more information, go here.

a. Now that your system is somewhat under control, download MalwareBytes from this link:
Click "Download Free Version" which will send you to "". There click on "Download."

b. Install the program and allow it to update when it launches. Then, disconnect your laptop from all network connections (both wired and wireless)

c. In MalwareBytes, select "Perform Full Scan" and click "Scan"

d. When the scan has completed, click on "Remove" and allow the program to restart your computer


4. Repeat steps 1-3

a. Repeat steps 1-3

b. If it finds no infections, then your computer has been cleaned 
     - Run a full scan with the ESET Online scanner at this link: (be sure to run Rkill if you have
       restarted your computer since you last ran Rkill)

c. If this second full scan finds more issues move on to step 5

5. TDSSkiller: For more information, go here.  

a. Download TDSSkiller.exe from this link:    

b. Run tdsskiller.exe

c. If it does find something, it should remove it. Then, repeat steps 1-5. If it cannot remove it, move on to step 6

d. If it does not find anything, move on to step 6


6. Replace your anti-virus

a. Disable or uninstall your current anti-virus program. Sometimes, malware can hijack your anti-virus program. Install a replacement anti-virus program like:

     - Microsoft Security Essentials:

     - AVG:

b. After you have installed it, run a full scan, then repeat steps 1-4.


7. Contact the Helpdesk

a. If you are still unable to remove the virus, contact the Helpdesk. Email: or simply stop by


8. For more information

a. Malwarebytes, go here:

b. Rkill, go here:

c. TDSSkiller, go here:

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