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Dialing restriction on 567 9200-9799
Posted by Jens Hieber on 07 April 2010 11:31 AM


You are unable to dial 567-9200 through 567-9799 from on-campus extensions.


A dialing restriction has been added to the telecommunication system to prevent on-campus users from dialing Houghton's direct inward dial (DID) numbers. Dialing DID numbers from on campus is a waste of system resources. Two telephone lines are used when doing so. One to make the call and one to answer your call coming back in.


Dial the on-campus extension instead of dialing the 567-9 DID number. All DID numbers can be converted by dropping the 567-9 and adding a 0.
For example, the Info Center DID is 567-9200. Their on-campus extension is 2000.

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