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List of supported hardware devices
Posted by Ryan Cool on 30 July 2010 09:15 AM


What hardware devices are supported by Houghton College Technology Services?

Houghton College provides support for the following hardware devices:
  • Any laptop issued by Houghton College that is a part of the regular allocation cycle.
  • Any desktop computers issued by Houghton College that are a part of the regular allocation cycle.
  • Houghton College issued office telephones.
  • Student telephone adapters that have been purchased from Houghton College.
Houghton College will NOT support any of the following devices:
  • Desktop or laptop computers that have not been issued by Houghton College. In some cases there might be software that you can install on non-Houghton computers, but Houghton College Technology Services will not install or configure that software on non-Houghton computers. Please contact the Helpdesk for more information.
  • Gaming consoles. While you are welcome to bring gaming consoles to campus, Houghton College Technology Services cannot help to configure or troubleshoot these devices. Please utilize the support mechanisms provided by the device manufacturer if you are having trouble connecting your console to the network. If it seems that certain ports might be blocked by Houghton College, you can contact the Helpdesk and our network technicians will determine if the port(s) can be unblocked. 
  • Cellular Telephones. Please contact your cellular provider if you are having trouble with your cellular phone.

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